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Clipeum Ltd has been formed by two companies with the intention of manufacturing and supplying protective clothing products to try and combat the ever increasing cases of knife injuries and fatalities. Clipeum ltd is the collaboration of two companies, one that has had more than 20 years’ experience dealing with schools and colleges and the general education area, and the other a specialist in the fabrication of protective fabrics and materials whose fabrics are manufactured to the highest standards using the very latest fibres available world-wide to meet specific performance standards and the ever changing global demands of the protective clothing market.

Knife crime has risen to record levels in England and Wales official figures have revealed. The number of knife offences rose by six per cent last year to 40,829, equivalent to more than 110 a day and the highest level since records began in 2008/09. Fatalities were also up by 6.1 per cent to 732, equivalent to more than two a day and their highest level for a decade. Four in ten of these killings involved a knife or sharp instrument. Knife crime has surged to the highest levels since records began in England and Wales, new figures reveal. Murder and manslaughter figures also reached a 10-year high in 2018, when 732 people were killed. Police recorded almost 44,500 offences involving knives or sharp weapons – a rise of 6 per cent. “The volume of knife crime offences has increased by 33 per cent since the year ending March 2011,” the Office for National Statistics said, the earliest year for which there is comparable data. The crimes included almost 19,000 assaults, 17,400 robberies, and 3,200 threats to kill.

Half of all knife crime offenders in London are teenagers or even younger children, new Met figures have revealed in a stark illustration of the scale of youth violence in the capital. The police statistics show that 41 per cent of those being caught for knife crimes across London’s boroughs are now aged between 15 and 19. Another 8 per cent are younger still, ranging in age from ten to 14, in a further sign of how carrying and using blades has become part of life for a minority of troubled young people. The new figures came as a Scotland Yard chief warned that attacks in the capital were also becoming “more ferocious” as offenders who were “more and more young” tried to kill or injure by “getting up close and stabbing someone several times”. Chief Superintendent Ade Adelekan, the head of the Met’s Violent Crime Task Force, added that police were striving hard to tackle the problem and “making some progress” by upping stop and search and using other tactics, including the deployment of “embedded” plain clothes officers to work with uniformed counterparts in the worst hit communities to help police intervene before stabbings occurred.

To try and do something about this, Clipeum ltd is launching a range of Jackets, Hoodies and vests that are KEVLAR® lined and designed to be both stab and slash resistant. Recent innovations in KEVLAR® fabrics have enabled us to produce a flexible and pliant, interior lining that is not too bulky or heavy. We will be offering this lining in a number of modern designer jackets and hoodies. We can also offer a choice of two KEVLAR® ‘Undervests’  which can be worn either on their own, of with the Jackets/Hoodies.
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